States & Regions - NASFAA U Benefits for You and Your Members

Your members can now earn credentials from NASFAA University.

To participate, simply use NASFAA CORE Training Materials at your Boot Camp

When you use NASFAA CORE Training Materials, all your boot camp/institute participants will be pre-qualified to sit for select NASFAA University Credential Tests at no additional charge for the remainder of the 2015-16 year!

Three great reasons your state or region should participate: 

  • Increased attendance: NASFAA will provide additional promotions for all boot camps/institutes that offer CORE-based training, ensuring an increase in your overall attendance.
  • Increased prestige: In your own marketing, you can capitalize on NASFAA’s excellent training reputation, which is known throughout the financial aid community for being thorough and accurate.
  • Increased revenue: Additional participants will have a positive effect on your bottom line!

CORE Training Materials 

CORE is a comprehensive set of instructional materials for teaching financial aid fundamentals to groups of individuals with less than two years of experience. Of the 14 CORE Modules available for 2015-16, 12 modules (Federal Direct Student Loans has two parts) will qualify your attendees to sit for a NASFAA University Credential Test. NASFAA does not offer a credential for the Overview of Student Financial Aid Programs module. 

  • Application Process (Beginner level)
  • Campus-Based Programs (Intermediate level)
  • Cost of Attendance (Beginner level)
  • Federal Direct Student Loans (Advanced Level)
  • Federal Methodology (Beginner level)
  • Federal Pell Grant (Intermediate Level)
  • Packaging and Notification of Awards (Advanced Level)
  • Professional Judgment (Advanced Level)
  • Student Eligibility (Intermediate level)
  • Return of Title IV (Intermediate level)
  • TEACH Grant (Intermediate Level)
  • Verification (Intermediate Level)
Instructions for States/Regions:
  1. Purchase CORE from NASFAA for your state or region using the Order Form (states & regions should not purchase CORE through the online store).
  2. From the list above, identify the CORE modules you plan to offer and provide the list to Dana Kelly at NASFAA. 
  3. Conduct the training using the CORE module materials as-is. If you make changes to the materials or eliminate sections, participants will not be prepared for the credential tests. 
  4. At the conclusion of the boot camp/institute, send NASFAA a participant roster using the provided template. The template must be received within two weeks of the boot camp/institute. 

Information for Your Participants: 

  1. NASFAA will send each participant a discount voucher for the credential tests they have qualified to take.
  2. Participants must take the test(s) within 3 months of completing the boot camp/institute. 
  3. Participants do not have to be NASFAA members; however, they must create a myNASFAA account in order to register for and take the credential test(s).
  4. Each test purchase includes two attempts to successfully complete the test. For additional details, please visit

Questions? Please contact Dana Kelly, Chief Training Officer, at or (202) 785-6968.