NASFAA University Testing Center

Once you have completed an approved NASFAA University learning activity, you qualify to sit for an examination in one or more topics. If you pass the exam, you earn a nationally recognized credential!

All tests will have a combination of multiple choice, true/false, and scenario-based or essay questions. When you purchase a credential test, you will automatically receive two attempts to take the test. If you do not pass either attempt, re-tests are available.

To help gauge your ability to pass a NASFAA Credential Test, short pre-tests are available free of chargePre-tests generally consist of 10 multiple choice questions with a 20 minute time limit, and do not provide NASFAA credentials for satisfactorily passing.

**Please be sure to read these Important Notices and Disclosures before purchasing a credential test.

Tests Now Available

The credentials in the testing center are divided into three parts as listed below.  

OC = Online Course Available SSG = Self-Study Guide Available 

Part 1

 Application Process (SSG)  Order Now 
 Student Eligibility (OC) (SSG)  Order Now 
 Cost of Attendance (OC)  Order Now 
 Federal Methodology (OC)  Order Now 
 Verification (OC) (SSG)  Order Now 

Part 2

Federal Pell Grant (OC) (SSG)  Order Now 
Campus-Based Programs (OC) (SSG)  Order Now 
Teacher Education Assistance for College and
Higher Education (TEACH) Grants (SSG) 
Order Now 
Direct Loans (OC) (SSG1) (SSG2)  Order Now 
Packaging (OC)  Order Now 

Part 3

Return of Title IV (OC) (SSG)  Order Now 
Professional Judgment (OC)  Order Now 
Satisfactory Academic Progress (OC)  Order Now 
Cash Management (OC) Order Now 

Coming Soon!

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