How to Subscribe to NASFAA's Graduate and Professional Listserv

Please follow these six easy steps to:

  1. Tell us if you work with graduate students
  2. Indicate your specialty area, if any
  3. Sign up for the Grad/Prof Listserv

Step 1: Click here to Edit Your myNASFAA Profile 

You will need your email address and myNASFAA password to access your account. If you do not have a myNASFAA account you can create one now. If you have lost your password, you can retrieve it now.

Step 2: Once you've logged in, select the Demographic Information tab. 

Step 3: To add yourself to the Grad/Prof Listserv, check the appropriate box.   

Step 4: Under the Professional Information header, use the drop-down list to answer the first question, "Please select your position."

  • If you work exclusively with graduate students, select Financial Aid Administrator/Graduate Students. 
  • If you work with graduates and undergraduates, select Financial Aid Administrator/Undergraduate & Graduate Students.  

Step 5: Scroll down to the heading, Institutional Financial Aid Professionals Only and provide information on your graduate/professional discipline, if any. 

  • To select more than one option, hold down the control key while making your selection. 

Step 6: Click Save at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions, please contact Membership Services.

Please Note: You can return to your myNASFAA account any time to update your personal contact information and add or remove yourself from the listserv. Feel free to answer other relevant questions on the Demographic Information tab.