Associate Membership

To accommodate the wide array of organizations and individuals (outside of the financial aid office) who want to join NASFAA, six Associate Membership subcategories have been created. Please read the descriptions carefully to choose the correct subcategory or contact Membership Services for assistance.

To proceed with joining, review the subcategory details by selecting the links below, then choose the corresponding Membership Application form from that page. You can also download a one-page Associate Member Dues Summary.

Associate Membership Subcategories for 2015-16 

Subcategory A: Associations, Research Organizations, Government Agencies* & Institutional System Offices 

Subcategory B: Student Loan Providers, Guarantors, & Student Aid Service Providers 

Subcategory C: Independent Consultants** 

Subcategory D: High Schools and High School Systems 

Subcategory E: Individual High School Counselors 

Subcategory F: Graduate Research Students 

*If your organization provides loans or offers loan servicing, you must select Subcategory B. 

**To qualify for independent consultant status, your annual gross revenue must be less than $100K and you must be the sole proprietor.

If you have any questions, contact Membership Services at (202) 785-0453 Ext. 1 or