Website Technical Support

Most issues reported to us are Internet browser related.  A quick way to tell whether this is the source of a problem is to repeat the same steps in a different browser and observe if the issue is eliminated. 

Multiple LogIn REQUESTs

If you are asked to log in multiple times when trying to access Today's News articles, or it seems that you are being frequently logged out, your browser may be set to automatically open new tabs or windows when you click a link.   To change your settings in Internet Explorer, go to Tools>Internet Options and on the General tab, select Tabs>Settings. Select When a pop-up is encountered, let IE decide how they should open, and Open links from other programs in the current tab or window.

As long as you are actively using the website, you will remain logged in indefinitely. After a specified period of inactivity, your browser session will automatically expire in order to protect your personally identifiable information, unless you select the "Keep me logged in" option.

The NASFAA Conference website does require a separate log in at this time, because certain features have not yet been implemented.  Upgrades are planned in the near future.

Password Not Saved

If your password is not saved even though you select this option on the Log In page, correct it as follows:  

In Firefox: Go to Tools>Options>Security and select Remember passwords for sites.  The next time you log in, a prompt will appear asking you, "Do you want Firefox to remember this password?" Click Yes to store your password.

In Internet Explorer, this can be caused by a number of settings on your computer. Check out this article for more information. 

Do Not Have Appropriate Permissions

If you receive the message "You do not have appropriate permissions to view this content" while logged in to the site, your browser settings may be interfering. To correct this, log out of the website. In your browser, go to Tools>Options>Privacy and delete individual cookies for  Then log in again and re-try.

Otherwise, this message means that you have encountered premium content which requires a level of access that you don't have. This may be because you have not been granted access to certain content by your institution. Your institution's primary contact can review and change your permissions. Our Membership Services staff can assist you further. 

For More Assistance

If you were expecting communication from us and did not receive it, please check your junk mail folder. If you need more assistance, contact Website Technical Support.