National Chair: NASFAA’s Elected Leader

Since NASFAA’s inception in 1966, the association has been led by an elected leader who serves a one-year term. For the 1966-69 term of office the title was Chairman, and for the terms of office from 1969-70 through 1986-87 the title was President. The title for elected leader was changed to National Chair in 1987-88 and remains National Chair today.

NASFAA maintains an email listserv to encourage networking and communication among these current and former leaders of the association. Past National Chairs are automatically added to the list; unsubscribe information is available in all delivered list messages. Before utilizing the listserv, all users are asked to review and accept NASFAA's Listserv Use Policy.

Term       Name and Institution 
1966-1969 Allan W. Purdy, University of Missouri
1966-1970 Kenneth L. Wooten, University of Mississippi
1970-1971 H. Carroll Parish, University of California at Los Angeles
1971-1972 Grant E. Curtis, Tufts University  
1972-1974 Eunice L. Edwards, Fisk University  
1974-1975 Edson W. Sample, Indiana University  
1975-1976 Robert B. Clark, Oklahoma State University  
1976-1977 Mildred S. McAuley, Grossmont College  
1977-1978 Joe L. McCormick, Mississippi State University
1978-1979 Neil E. Bolyard, West Virginia University
1979-1980 Robert P. Huff, Stanford University   
1980-1981 Gene S. Miller, Pasadena City College
1981-1982 Donald E. Holec, Purdue University
1982-1983 Lola J. Finch, Washington State University
1983-1984 Mary Haldane, Drake University
1984-1985 William R. Bennett, Cleveland State University
1985-1986 Gerald T. Bird, University of Alabama in Birmingham
1986-1987 Robert W. Evans, Pennsylvania State University
1987-1988 Joseph Sciame, St. John's University
1988-1989 G. Kay Jacks, Colorado State University
1989-1990 Kathleen Hogan McCullough, Idaho State University
1990-1991 Donald R. Ryan, San Jose State University
1991-1992 Harvey P. Grotrian, University of Michigan
1992-1993 Paul G. Aasen, Gustavus Adolphus College
1993-1994 Claire M. Roemer, Tarrant Co. Junior College
1994-1995 Vernetta P. Fairley, University of Southern Mississippi
1995-1996 William A. Irwin, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
1996-1997 Marvin G. Carmichael, Clemson University
1997-1998 John Parker, Drake University
1998-1999 Judith (Judy) Schneider, University of Texas at Arlington
1999-2000 Irvin W. Bodofsky, State University of New York Upstate Medical University      
2000-2001 Rachael L. Lohman, Wilkes University
2001-2002 Cruzita (Crusie) Lucero, Northeast State Technical Community College
2002-2003 Charlie Bruce, Oklahoma State University
2003-2004 David (Dave) Myette, Champlain College
2004-2005 George Chin, City University of New York
2005-2006 David Gelinas, University of the South
2006-2007 Janet Dodson, Doane College
2007-2008 Michael Bennett, Brookdale Community College
2008-2009 David Gruen, University of Wyoming
2009-2010 Barry Simmons, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
2010-2011 Laurie Wolf, Des Moines Area Community College
2011-2012 Pamela Fowler, University of Michigan
2012-2013 Rondall Day, Kennesaw State University
2013-2014 Craig Munier, University of Nebraska
2014-2015 Eileen O'Leary, Stonehill College