Core Operating Values

At NASFAA, we are committed to conducting ourselves in a way that reinforces our mission, assigns top priority to our members and the students they serve first, and ensures a productive work environment. NASFAA adheres to seven Core Operating Values which serve as a guide for conduct and by which staff performance is evaluated.

  • Organizational Commitment: As a tax exempt non-profit organization, NASFAA has been vested with a public trust to create positive societal change. We take that trust seriously and strive for excellence and accountability in everything we do. We maintain a sense of urgency, reject complacency, and strive to fulfill the vision of creating a better society.
  • Integrity: We are honest, truthful, and straightforward with ourselves and others and strive to be in compliance with both the spirit and letter of what is asked of us.  We are reliable. We keep our commitments. 
  • Value Members: NASFAA members are the lifeblood of the association. They are the reason NASFAA exists and we consistently look for ways to exceed their expectations and remain a strong, customer-centric association.
  • Personal Responsibility: In all challenges or failures, we look to ourselves first on how an outcome could be different, and consider how we would do things differently in the future. Accountability permeates the entire organization.
  • Teamwork & Collaboration: NASFAA was created to fulfill its board-mandated mission and the fulfillment of that mission is more important than the needs of any one individual, department, or project. Within our teams we are straightforward, honest, candid, and create atmospheres of trust. We collaborate to fulfill NASFAA’s mission.
  • Continuous Progression: We are not content with the status quo and continually look for ways to make use of opportunities, develop ourselves, our teams, our products and services. We reject complacency and embrace change!
  • Respect: We respect each other. Arrogance, rudeness, obnoxiousness, impatience, perpetual bad moods, or otherwise unfriendly behavior demeans and de-energizes others. Such behavior poisons the work environment, decreases productivity, and is not tolerated at any level.