Board of Directors

2014-15 Board of Directors

Officers (3)
Regional Representatives (6)
Eileen O'Leary  National Chair 
Eileen O'Leary 
Stonehill College
NASFAA University Credentials: Campus-Based Programs 
Frank Green  WASFAA, 1st Year Rep 
Frank Green
Travel Institute of the Pacific
Dan Mann  National Chair-Elect 
Dan Mann
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
NASFAA University Credentials: Campus-Based Programs 
Zita Barree  SASFAA, 1st Year Rep
Zita Barree
Hampden-Sydney College
Ron Day   Past National Chair
Ron Day
Kennesaw State University 
Brian Lemma  EASFAA, 1st Year Rep
Brian Lemma
Georgetown University

Representatives At Large (6)
Jeff Jacobs  RMASFAA, 2nd Year Rep
Jeff Jacobs 
North Dakota State University
 Neville Brown  2nd Year Rep-at-Large
Neville Brown
Eastern Connecticut State University
Sara Beth Holman  MASFAA, 1st Year Rep
Sara Beth Holman
Lawrence University

Kay Lewis  2nd Year Rep-at-Large
Kay Lewis
University of Washington
Andrew Hammontree  SWASFAA, 1st Year Rep
Andrew Hammontree
Francis Tuttle Technology Center
NASFAA University Credentials: Student Eligibility 
Lisanne Masterson  2nd Year Rep-at-Large
Lisanne Masterson
Blue Ridge Community College
Paula Luff  1st Year Rep-at-Large
Paula Luff
DePaul University
David Page  David Page
Dillard University
Craig Slaughter  1st Year Rep-at-Large
Craig Slaughter
DePauw University
Susan Murphy  Susan Murphy
University of San Francisco
Heather Boutell  1st Year Rep-at-Large
Heather Boutell
Bellarmine University
Margaret Rodriguez  Margaret Rodriguez
University of Michigan

  Lori Vedder  Lori Vedder
University of Michigan - Flint