Free Web Resource Center Highlights Value of Higher Education, and How to Pay for It

Contact: Erin Timmons
Managing Editor
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NASFAA Offers Reasons To Apply As College Admissions Season Begins

October 23, 2014 -– College admissions season is already underway for early applicants - and a free web resource center demonstrates the many ways they could benefit if they ultimately enroll in an institution of higher education. 

The Value of Higher Education: Research and Resources,” collated by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA), summarizes two years’ worth of studies that have found tremendous value in pursuing higher education.  

In addition to increased earnings potential—a finding cited by many studies—benefits include:

  • Increased purchasing confidence (“Economic Confidence, Education, And Student Debt,” HPS-CivisScience, 2014)
  • Decreased likelihood of underemployment after graduation ("Smart Shoppers: The End of the ‘College for All’ Debate?" College Summit, 2013)
  • More opportunities with employers who increasingly raise education requirements ("Survey: Education Requirements for Employment on the Rise," CareerBuilder 2014)
  • Increased regional prosperity (“A Matter of Degrees: The Effect of Educational Attainment on Regional Economic Prosperity,” The Milken Institute, 2013)
  • Increased global competitiveness (“The Economics of Higher Education,” U.S. Departments of Education and Treasury, 2012)

These studies show that smart college choices are worthwhile investments for individuals and society. In addition to the web resource center, NASFAA has guides on understanding financial aid, qualifying for it, and cutting college costs. NASFAA also has experts available to speak to the value of a college degree – and the financial resources available to help students reach their goals. Please email us at or call (202) 785-6959 to set up an interview.


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