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Student Aid Index Scavenger Hunt

Ten Right Answers Wins You a Prize in Nashville!

Welcome to the new Student Aid Index! Optimized for both mobile and desktop browsing, this tool puts key financial aid resources at your fingertips. We invite you to take a trip though this all-new tool on your desktop or smartphone—and win a fun prize at the conference!

To receive your special prize, just write down the ten answers to the following questions, along with your name and work email, and bring that sheet of paper to the NASFAA Conference Booth in the Music City Center Exhibit Hall.

  1. Start at the Student Aid Index information page: http://www.nasfaa.org/index/. Write down the name of one person who provided a testimonial.
  2. In case you need a little more convincing that this new tool is helpful, check out the short video. On the mobile-friendly login page shown in the video, what username is entered to log in to the Student Aid Index?
  3. Now it’s time to jump in – click on “Enter the Student Aid Index.” According to the introductory text, name one example of the type of direct link you’ll find within.
  4. Next, scroll through the available terms on the left. Write down the last term on this list. Remember that this is a starting list; the Student Aid Index will continue to expand.
  5. Select “Need Analysis” from the terms menu. The Student Aid Index includes related topics for more information, and synonyms where appropriate, as administrators across the country may use different terminology. What is one of the synonyms for Need Analysis?
  6. Next, scroll to and select the term “Packaging.” One of the key pieces of information about each topic is a link to the Statutory Authority. Click on Statutory Authority. How many references to U.S. Code are listed?
  7. Regulations are another key set of information. Select “Consumer Information” from the terms menu on the left, then “Regulations.” What is the title of the regulation listed there?
  8. ED References are another key set of information. Scroll to “Academic Year.” What volume and chapter of the FSA Handbook applies to that term?
  9. Each term in the Student Aid Index has a hierarchy of subtopics related to it. Under the “Verification” term, what’s the last sub-topic under “Exclusions from Verification?”
  10. Lastly: sometimes you are not exactly sure where to start. Thankfully, the Student Aid Index includes a search, too. The entire Student Aid Index is searched, so NASFAA recommends keeping queries as succinct as possible, to keep the list of results manageable. Enter “forbearance” into the search box at the top left of the tool. How many results do you get?