Advocacy, Policy & Research

We are regularly engaged in advocacy, public policy and research to support our mission: promoting programs that remove financial barriers and ensure student access to postsecondary education. Together, the tools of advocacy, policy, and research allow us to respond effectively to pending legislation, provide ideas for new legislative and policy proposals, and to promote policy objectives in a methodologically sound manner. The goals of the Advocacy, Policy, and Research teams are critical to the the overall NASFAA mission.

Explore the areas of Advocacy, Policy, and Research, or start by reviewing some of our most recent efforts and areas of focus including:

Higher Education Act Reauthorization

Late in March, a task force of 17 NASFAA members forwarded an initial list of 61 recommendations for changes to the Higher Education Act in the upcoming Reauthorization to the NASFAA Board of Directors. The Board accepted most of those recommendations, although it requested that some be further developed. This is the fourth in a series of articles that highlight those recommendations. NASFAA encourages members to suggest additional areas where legislative change is needed in the campus-based programs (Federal Work-Study, FSEOG, and Perkins Loans). More >> 

NASFAA Reimagines the Design & Delivery of Student Financial Aid

As the student aid programs rapidly approach reauthorization in 2014, they continue to face severe funding and efficiency problems. With grant assistance from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation through their “Reimagining Aid Design and Delivery” (RADD) project, NASFAA released a policy brief examining the current systems of student aid with an eye towards reimagining how they could be improved in the future. This report does not make specific recommendations, but rather puts forward broad ideas intended to generate discussion and debate with the goal of advancing key policy issues facing student aid. More >> 

Award Letters and Consumer Information

We have chartered a Task Force on Award Letter & Consumer Notification to develop recommendations on the "Know Before You Owe" initiative to improve information presented to students and families. This is inline with a Congressional mandate for the Department to develop recommendations to improve financial aid award letters and to develop a model letter. More >>>