NASFAA University Testing Center - Re-Tests

When you purchase the credential test options, you will automatically receive TWO attempts to take the test. 

If you do not pass either attempt, the following re-tests are available:

Available Re-Tests    

Application Process - RE-TEST Order Now 
Campus-Based Programs RE-TEST  Order Now 
Cash Management RE-TEST  Order Now 
Cost of Attendance - RE-TEST  Order Now 
Direct Loans - RE-TEST  Order Now 
Federal Methodology - RE-TEST  Order Now 
Federal Pell Grant - RE-TEST  Order Now 
Packing and Notification of Awards - RE-TEST    Order Now 
Professional Judgment - RE-TEST  Order Now 
Return of Title IV - RE-TEST  Order Now 
Satisfactory Academic Progress - RE-TEST  Order Now 
Student Eligibility - RE-TEST  Order Now 
Teacher Education Assistance for College and
Higher Education (TEACH) Grants - RE-TEST
 Order Now 
Verification - RE-TEST  Order Now